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How to make Money on the Internet

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Your mind: The Ultimate Money Making Machine

Have you ever wondered how some of the top internet
marketers make money online? The best way to make money
online is to find an expert and get that expert to write
about his area of interest. But where can I get an expert?
To paraphrase a popular song, “The Guru lies in you”. You
are your own expert in your area of interest be it classical
weaving or oil painting or any hobby or interest you have.
This article examines how you can use your hobby or area of
interest and make money from it online.

What if you just enjoy something but do not have a deep
grasp of your area of interest? Someone once wrote that if
you spend one hour a day reading on just one subject, within
a year you will become an expert on that area. The same can
be applied to any area of interest you may have. The library
and the internet represent a plethora of information and not
knowing is not an excuse today. So therefore your area of
interest in your own mind represents a means by which you
can make money online.

Money making becomes fun when you write about your area of
interest and help others learn more about that area of
interest and make yourself some money online at the same
time. Below are some simple ways that people have used to
make money online from their hobbies and areas of interest.

1.Ebooks The internet has opened up a new arena in the
global flow of information. People go online to find out
information and are willing to pay for information.
Electronic books (ebooks) therefore have arisen to meet the
need for knowledge online. An example of an ebook can range
from a simple PDF file to the more elaborate ebooks
generated by ebook generation software. Some people are
making money with cooking recipes and others with
traditional herbal remedies. Do you have an area of
interest? Consider writing a simple ebook and then getting
other people to build your website and sales letter for you.
So find an area which people are interested in and you are
knowledgeable about and sell ebooks on that subject online.


Once you have ascertained your area of interest, you can in
addition to writing your

ebook, start building a website
around your area of interest. Making money from websites is
easy once you have enough content and website traffic. Find
an affiliate program that is targeted to your website
intended audience and you receive a commission for each sale
you introduce to that company. Large affiliate networks are
usually the best for this and companies like Commission
Junction and Linkshare are good places to start. For example
if your website deals with model planes, you could have a
link to a store that sells model planes and a link to a shop
that sells model plane supplies. So in other words, the more
referral sales you make, the more commission you will rake
in. 3.Newsletters

Starting a newsletter on your favourite topic is also a good
idea. A good newsletter would provide lots of tips and help
to subscribers this creates lots of trust in your
recommendations and would increase your chances of making a
sale if you recommend some product to your list. Always
recommend good products and test them yourself before
sending a letter recommending it to your newsletter readers.
But when you stumble across a good product that is in line
with your newsletter that you like yourself, send out the ad
with your affiliate link and make money from that posting.

4.Signature Lines leading to Affiliate sales

If you have a particular interest, why not add a short ad to
a product related to your interest in your signature line in
your emails to your friends. Something like “This is a good
restaurant I like” with a link would give you some
commissions while allow you to share your love for a
particular item with them.

In conclusion, find out what you love and you can use that
love to make money online. This love for any interest that
you may have would give you the drive to work on it and that
will pay off in the end and allow you to make money online.

About the Author

Joel Teo is a work at home business owner, the owner of several highly
successful money making websites.

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3 Dropshipping Secrets For Making More Money on eBay

Dropshipping is a very profitable way to make money on the auction powerhouse eBay. People all over the world are creating home based businesses by using wholesalers, or also known as dropshippers, to make money on eBay.

Dropshipping is simply selling products for wholesale companies, sending them the address of the person who bought from you, and they ship the product to them.

This is an incredible opportunity, most times for the cost of a meal at a restaurant, to start a profitable eBay business.

However, because of the ease and profitability of using a dropship company there is extensive competition. eBay abounds with people using this home based business model to create a living for themselves. So, how do you get by the rest and shine as the one to buy from? There are three distinct secrets used by prominent eBay Powersellers.

1. eBay Dropshippers Know What's HOT!

The top income producers, or Powersellers, on eBay do their homework. They find out what is selling. But, not only that they research deeper to find out what's selling at the top prices.

Let's say for example, you have set up an account with a dropship company and have started an eBay seller account. Now what? Start looking at what's selling. Computers are always hot.

Go back to your dropshipper, look up what computers they offer, get some graphics and pictures, upload them to the product listing page on eBay and you're now selling computers.

Don't waste your time on items that only sell a few times at low prices.

2. eBay Dropshippers Know A Little Copywriting

The Internet, no matter what site you're on, is all about the written word. In sales, that means copywriting. Writing in

order to reach a sale.

If you look at the most successful sellers they don't simply upload a picture and a few facts about the product.

They write to sell the product. Why? It was stated at the beginning of this article that the competition is plentiful. Everyone selling on eBay wants that person to buy their product not yours. So, the emphasis on copywriting, writing to instill an emotional desire to want your product, must be a priority.

Take some time to learn a little bit about good copywriting and how to construct a short, but exciting, sales letter.

3. eBay Dropshippers Live To Follow.

The absolute key to making money on eBay, with dropshippers or any other type of business model, is to follow up with your customers. Once they buy from you, that should not be the last contact you have with them.

Follow up with them. How are they liking the product? Is there anything else you can do for them? Have they seen the other auctions you have listed similar to the product they already bought?

A great way to stay in touch with your customers is to start collecting their email addresses, with their permission, and send them a special "sales flyer" of products you have listed, or other non-listed dropship items.

Want to make it big with eBay? Want to make big money with dropshipping? Follow these three Powerselling secrets today and watch your profits climb!

About the author:

Jason James website 'The Auction Resource Network' reveals his inside secrets and sources that help him pocket over $10,000 a month on eBay.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Step 1
For making money on the Internet, the first thing you need is a website of your own. You can create a website by registering a domain name, designing the site and hosting it. There are many sites offering free services in these areas. Alternatively, you can create a blog of your own at www.blogger.com or some other sites. You need not be an expert in any area for creating your own blog. Anybody can start a blog. You can publish your thoughts on anything ranging from the Vedas to Astrophysics using blogs.
Step 2
Open an account with Google Adsense. Google places advertisements on your site and pays you for clicks on these ads. If you have a blog, you can open the Adsense account from your blog account itself.
Step 3
Increase traffic to your site by using Google Adwords or some other programmes.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Here are some tips for making money on the internet
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